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Working With the Best

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Candy Cane Lane was established in 2015.  It started out with Anthony and Nikki Davalos sitting in the back of the truck handing out free cocoa to any passing vehicles on Riverview Dr. E.  This was the most decorated street they could find and wanted to encourage cars coming out and looking at lights. They served a whopping 50 cups of cocoa and took the remainder to the gate guards on Malmstrom AFB. It was a freezing Montana night but it had the feeling of Christmas.  We also accomlished in 2023 establishing our own non-profit for the use of giving funds back to the community in many areas.  Our non-profit is CommUNITY Matters.  We are proud to give back to many areas and work with other non-profits to enhance our community involvment. 

Now the event has grown and is city wide!  There is a main group of volunteers that spread cheer on those two nights still handing out Free hot cocoa and now a map to houses that register for the decorating contest. 

It has also evolved into a cross town competition where whichever side has the most decorated houses that register gets to hold a traveling trophe!  

Grinchville is the houses on the North West side of town

Abominable Town is the houses on the South East side of town. 

You will also notice each year is new and different adding to the fun each time.  We are also holding a coloring competition.  Your kiddo can send us a holiday picture they draw and color and one winner is chosen to be our Candy Cane Lane sticker that we hand out that year. 

Each year we select a special ornament for the year. You can purchase this ornament for   $5.

This event is always free, however, donations are accepted and Candy Cane Lane and proceeds will be used to give back to the community in a variety of ways as the board sees needs in the community in other organizations enhancing quality in our community or as a Pay it forward kindness act. 

To truly learn about us.....come on out and join us for an event.  There's nothing like seeing the Christmas Spirit in action.  See our Home page for event details or find us on facebook.

May your Days be Merry and Bright.

Jaycee Park

23rd Ave NE

Tel: 406-231-3336

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