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Christmas Past

Cross Town Clash

The Cross Town Clash is a city wide competition. The Candy Cane Lane Crew adds up the registered houses for decorating and whichever side has the most WINS!  We separated the city by the river and used the high school colors for the sides!  The side of town with the most decorated houses wins and holds the trophy.  The trophy will be kept in the home of one of the top 3 overall winners home that is located in that area for the following year all of December.  ANY decorations count so register your house.  You can choose to not be on the map and still register to help your side of town WIN! The trophy is a replica of the Christmas Story Lamp!   It's a MAJOR AWARD!



North West




Abominable Town

South East



What do I do?

You can decorate your house and register to be on the map or register for your side of town.  

The BIG event for this is held 2 days in December.  Event is on the home page and on Facebook.  You show up during these times, get cocoa, a map, and see all our holiday characters.  

What do I do after I get the map?

You can then drive around and look at all the decorated houses.  If the weather is nice people also find the area with larger amounts of houses and walk through the houses. Don't forget to vote for your favorite house. 

Where do I get the Map?

If you come to our event you can get the map first. It is then released online after our event and a paper copy at one of our donors place of business. Check Facebook for updated info.

How do I vote?

You can go to the top menu on this page and vote or you can hand in a written vote at the event. You can also vote on our app.

Why don't you release the map online first?

The magic of this event is getting people together and out and about.  So we release it at our event with Free Cocoa and Fun to get the community out. Come join us!  

Where do our donations go?

Proceeds go to the cost of the event and back into the community through kindess acts or filling a need such as seeing a local food pantry needs.  Zero funds go to payroll. This is a volunteer only based organization.

If you have any questions we have not answered please feel free to email us at:

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