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Jack O' Lanterns

Nightmare Before Candy Canes

Registration will be open until October 13th!  A map will be created and then posted here for all to access. Do not forget to come join us for our Christmas Map too!  Watch for New info! 

If you have a public event you know about you may also message me that info and I will post it here and on Facebook.

Halloween Happenings
*click on the name to go to the event link.

September 30

1pm           Jordan's Pumpkins for a Cause


October 7

9am-3pm  Good Wood Guys Pumpkin Patch

October 27

5pm-8pm  Children's Mus. Halloween Carnival

6pm           Cindy Lou's Halloween Bingo (BECC)


October 28

1pm-3pm Wheels of Thunder Halloween Party

3pm-5pm Down Town Safe Trick or Treat

6pm-9pm  Fright Fest (Family Friendly)

October 29

10am   Pumpkin Patch & Zombie Run

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